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Decent Public School  
Padma Shri Shri Surinder Mehta, Chairman, Prime Group, as Chief Guest of the Annual Day celebration “Anubhav” of Decent Public School, Rohini, Delhi, held on 9th December, 2012. Smt. & Shri Surinder Mehta congratulating the winner of Dance competition. Also seen in the picture is Mr. Basant Gupta, Director of the School.
Respected Guest of Honor Smt. Shashi Bal Saini ji, Respected Chairman of the Decent Public School Society Shri C.L. Jindia ji, Worthy Principal of the School Smt. Renu Gupta ji, Director of the School Shri Basant Gupta ji, Prof. Dr. Meena Gupta ji, Shri Jagdish Gupta ji, Distinguished guests and parents present here today, Teachers and the staff members, and above all, the very lovable and the most "Decent students" of the "Decent Public school",

I am indeed very pleased to be here today and consider it an absolute honour to be speaking to you on your special day, The Annual Day of your School. My grateful thanks to the School authorities for having invited me to this August function and I am sure that I am going to cherish what all I have seen here today, for a long time to come. I am sure students and teachers have all worked hard for many weeks to make this wonderful show that I have witnessed today and I must make specific mention of the student who played the role of Mira Bai. She gave an excellent performance and it gave an impression as if it was actually Mira Bai on the stage. What a great performer. My heartiest congratulations to her and I wish her every success in life.

I have had the pleasure of personally knowing Mr. Basant Gupta, the Director of the School for over a quarter of a century now and have immensely enjoyed my relationship and my friendship with him and with his family.

Building this School and building a real good school, has always been like a true passion for Mr. & Mrs. Gupta as I have so closely observed all these years. Starting in the small lanes of Tri Nagar, from a small pre-nursery and a nursery school later, and then moving on to make a residential school within their MIG Residence at Rohini, today I feel really proud that they have both come a long way over the years, to built such a big size and a real classy, high class building at Rohini, which is today housing "The Decent Public School."

All this has been made possible only by their hard work, commitment and zeal, and above all, by their sheer passion to be counted as one of the best School in Delhi and hopefully, one among the best in India one day. I don't know how many of you know, but I may share with you that Both, the Director Mr. Basant Gupta and The Principal Mrs. Renu Gupta are merit holders of their times and we all know that Mrs.Renu Gupta has been personally teaching her students since the very beginning. And also, the Chairman Shri Jindia ji is an educationist having been associated with education field almost all his life in some form or the other.

So when the Chairman, the Director and the Principal are all educationist themselves, the school they set up and run, is bound to be a real temple of education with the future of students as their sole mission, rather than some return on investment like in the case of many other Business Houses who set up Schools with a huge investments, but often not with adequate and intricate knowledge of managing a school or at times even without a real interest in education.

I can therefore say with confidence to all the students of this Great School, that "your future is in safe hands and in right hands to make you not only successful in your respective fields, but also as wonderful human beings, and as an asset to our society. "

The achievements already made by the school, are testimony to the vision of it's founders, and are a clear indicator of what they are heading for. With the Chief Ministers recognition as the best school and the merit list results of some of the students of this School already seen by us in the recent years, and with many more laurels and achievements to follow in the years ahead, all these have already proven to the world about your capabilities and your potential, and I can confidently say that under your stewardship and your selfless and good intentioned leadership, "even sky is not the limit" for the students of this Great School" to excel in life. I have been watching the performance and growth of this School from very close quarters from the very beginning and I know from my personal experience, that while the School management and their very competent team have all been tirelessly working for the growth and betterment of the school, day in and day out, and are confident that their endeavors will certainly succeed, but we also know the fact that the desired level of development, growth and change can only come, with everyone contributing towards that aim. And for that, the students, the teachers, the staff & also the support staff, all have to work hand-in-hand and as a well-knit team. Your school is like a family, where you learn and grow and mature, and shape up your students, as "well rounded personalities", which is ultimately the real goal and the real vision of the founders a visionary School, such as this.

It is imperative therefore, that the education being imparted is holistic and qualitative. Class room education must be more and more combined with equivalent amount of outdoor activities & sports. These activities surely augment the development of mind & body. It is equally important that various social values such as obedience, discipline, politeness, respect for elders & teachers, punctuality, care, unselfish behavior and truthfulness are well imbibed by you all students, genuinely and deep inside. Only then the real personality of a student comes up finally as a confident looking successful person in life and as a respected member of the society.

We all know that the teachers are performing the role of Gurus as envisaged in our Indian scriptures. Teachers are role models for the students and the students look upon them, not only to teach & teach well, but also, to give them the advice & direction to shape their destiny as well, and to see that they do not go astray in absence of proper guidance and adequate care. All your actions are watched by them closely and duly emulated, and hence, we have first to practice, what we preach. It is only then that your students will get truly inspired and motivated and in the process, you help them to have a balanced, enjoyable and fulfilled school-life, with fond memories of their times at the School.

As far as class room activity is concerned, we all know that students in today's time are very intelligent and very enlightened, and more so, with the current advancement in the field of knowledge based Information technology, when every information and case histories and case studies are all available on the net, simply on the click of a button. And therefore, we must keep in mind that the students today need to see logic and a satisfactory explanation for everything. So the class room education should be more and more in the form of interactive sessions, with full use of technology and technology based teaching tools and gadgets, through which, their curiosity is adequately answered and their thirst for knowledge is fully quenched.

Here, I would like to say a few words also to the students, that you are all young and like budding flowers. By the time, you pass out from school, you will be in full bloom. You must learn to understand life and the way it is to be led with discipline and you should look at any challenge that comes your way, as an opportunity.

Life is not just about marks or grades or standing first or second in class, which is off course very important in many respects, but most important finally is about developing a confident and a truthful personality. You must learn to see every action objectively, rationalize these, learn to differentiate between the good and the bad, and learn to develop sensitivity towards the world around you. You must also learn to care for others, be compassionate and try and contribute in your own way to the society in whatever field you choose to excel in.

I am sure that the combined fraternity of the Management, the teaching faculty, the administrative Staff and the Students will all join hands in making this School a leader in education, from where, those passing out, end up becoming valuable assets and well known and well respected members, and even leaders and role models of our Society in the times to come. And that will make all of us, truly and extremely proud of the achievements of "The Decent Public School".

Before I conclude, I must share with you that a couple of days ago, the recently appointed Minister of State for HRD Mr.Shashi Tharoor had said in one of his address, that if you give education to a Girl child, she in turn educates a whole family, and look, how true it is, right before us, and actually much more. The chairman Shri Jindia ji gave Good education to his Girl Child Renu Gupta, and see, how she is out to educate the world !
Padma Shri Shri Surinder Mehta, Chairman, Prime Group, as Chief Guest of the Annual Day celebration “Anubhav” of Decent Public School, Rohini, Delhi, held on 9th December, 2012. Also seen in the picture are Mr. C.L. Jindia, Chairman of the School, Mr. Basant Gupta, Director and Mrs. Renu Gupta, Principal of the School with other dignitaries and guests.

God Bless you Smt. Renu Gupta ji and Shri Basant Gupta ji, for all that you are doing to spread education and I wish all the best to you and to your family and your entire team, and we all wish and pray on your Annual Day, that may God be with you always, in all your endeavors, to help you shape through the medium of education, the future and the destiny of young students, who are our future and the true future of our Great Country.

And once again, my sincere thanks to the management of the School, to have invited me here today, to be a part of your Annual Day celebrations and to witness these wonderful performances that your very talented and creative students gave today. My heartiest congratulations to all the participants and in particular to the student who played Mira Bai.

I wish all the best for the remaining part of the program to follow.

Thank you